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Who We Are

Brett S. Kilpatrick

Brett S. Kilpatrick

Managing Partner

At 6’5″, Brett is a BIG guy with BIG experience.  He’s been an executive in 9 startups, raised 5 rounds of venture funding, been the head of sales in 4 IPOs, served as an officer in 3 public companies, brought 3 European companies to the US, and taken 5 US companies into Europe and Asia. He has personally managed/coached more than 500 sales and marketing professionals, and directly generated over US $1 Billion in revenue of software, services and systems.

Denise Senter

Denise Senter

Chief Marketing Partner

Over the course of her career, Denise has been involved with the launch and marketing of more than 50 products, companies, and lines of business. She has worked with 7 startups, helped 4 early-stage European technology companies enter the US market, and served as an officer in 3 public companies. She is an advocate and mentor for women entrepreneurs and executives, focusing on bringing more women into the technology industry.

Our Skills

Our passion is helping bring innovative products to market by driving demand through integrated sales & marketing programs.

We started XXL Sales & Marketing to provide BIG experience for small and midsize businesses. We improve your odds for success in a market where 92% of startups fail. To achieve this, we start by providing the right skills for  your business.

  • Sales Technique – 100%
  • Marketing Expertise – 100%
  • Market Strategy – 95%
  • Product Strategy – 90%
  • VC Fundraising – 85%
  • Coaching – 100%

Better Processes,

Bigger sales

Successful sales acceleration requires a disciplined sales process and professional sales habits that ensure your timing is aligned with customers’ buying cycles. No sales hack will get you to scale and predictable revenue without that foundation.

Let's Work Together

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